Tree Guitarworks

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I repair, modify, and build guitars.  I specialize in set-ups and neck work, including fret level/re-crowns and fret replacement.  I also build custom necks and complete guitars.  I work on electric and acoustic guitars and bass guitars as well as other stringed instruments such as banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, etc. 

Estimates are always free.  Payment is due when the work is completed.  Cash, unless other arrangements are made in advance.  If special parts need to be ordered or for custom work, a deposit may be required.

I have fast turnaround, I take great pride in my work, and I would like to have you as one of my happy customers.  Please call or text me at 515-314-9835.

Following is a partial list of services:

  • Guitar set-ups - set action, check for buzzing, check that all components are working properly.  A good set-up makes a world of difference in how your guitar plays and sounds!
  • Fret work - I can do everything from partial fret dressing, to complete leveling, re-crowning, and dressing of existing frets, to partial or complete fret replacement.
  • Structural repairs - include bridge re-setting, headstock repair, crack and bracing repair, loose binding, and nuts and saddles.
  • Electrical components - installation of electric pickup systems in acoustic guitars, replacement of electric guitar pickups, repairing or modifying electrical circuits and components.
  • Hardware - repair or replacement of hardware such as tuners, nuts, bridges, and tremolos.
  • Custom work - I can build necks and other components to order.  Please visit with me about your ideas.