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Stromberg-Viosinet Parlor Guitar.

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This is a Stromberg-Viosinet circa 1928 parlor guitar that was my customer's grandmother's. The Stromberg-Viosinet company was purchased by Kay in 1931. The guitar features a Valencia headstock, solid spruce top, solid birch/poplar back, sides, and neck, an ebony fingerboard, elaborate wood marquetry binding, and beautifully stenciled floral design on the front. 

It had been dropped head-first, driving the neck and neck block into the body and breaking off a piece of the fingerboard, the top, and some of the binding and inlay.  It also suffered a couple of cracks on the back.

I removed the neck, carefully repositioned the neck block back into place, did some additional bracing around the block, replaced the piece of top, inlays, and binding, repaired the fingerboard, reset the neck, and repaired the back cracks.  I leveled and recrowned the frets so it probably plays and sounds better now than when new.

She is a very lovely piece of American music history, and now is ready for another 90 years as a treasured family heirloom.